Tailored cocoon

Intimate hideaway

Knokke, BE

Creating an intimate and very personal interior, was the main question of the couple that wanted to convert an existing apartment and a studio into a seaside family retreat. The mood board featured references with an elegant city look, as well as the organic interiors of Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece ‘Fallingwater’.

The resulting interior is a warm cocoon, carefully detailed and ‘dressed’ in outspoken materials. The kitchen, dining room and bedrooms are abundantly clad in American walnut, which recalls a strong nautical feel. The kitchen splashbacks in bright green glass tiles, add a daring spot of colour. Furthermore, the use of precious dark marble, tinted glass and brass finishes, evoke the spirit of a luxury hotel.

‘All my projects are made-to-measure, each with their own particular solution. Even though the common purpose in all my work is to search for balance and serenity, the final interiors vary widely in execution.’

The choice of materials in this apartment is unexpected. The dark mood contrasts with the bright sea views outside. At first sight, it feels as if the apartment has turned its back to the sea. Once adjusted to the atmosphere, a calming and timeless interior surfaces.