Family essentials

Cosy holiday retreat


A Dutch family with three teenagers approached Nathalie to consult on the potential of a holiday home they were about to buy in Knokke. It marked the start of a process in which the interior of the modest house was stripped and reorganised into a comfortable home-from-home.

‘At the start of my projects, I have quite lengthy conversations with my clients about the way they live and how they intend to occupy a home. I aim to determine the essentials, only then I can start to shape a personal design that fits their real needs.’

The original layout of the house existed of small, separate rooms. Yet, the core of a family get-away is to spend time together. To create a sense of togetherness without being on top of each other, the complete internal circulation of the house was optimised. A string of opened-up, connecting living areas, allows the family to spread out and find their own favourite spot, without being apart.

The fireplace in the living room is the focal point of the living room. The moulded tiles were made-to-measure and are an abstract reference to Dutch lace. Apart from this feature, the materials palette is sober with natural materials to create a rather rustic, crafted interior.