Both at home in Uccle and at her office in Knokke, enjoyable moments were spent writing the content of her book. During early morning walks in the Sonian Forest and at the beach, thoughts were gathered to capture Nathalie's positive spirit in words.

Nathalie Deboel: β€˜At the break of day, with all possibilities ahead, my walks in nature are essential. It is fascinating to deal with the many stimuli, personalities and challenges that come with the job today. But within this chaotic outset, I actively have to create space to collect my thoughts. I find room for positivism in nature and find it of great importance to convey that spirit to my team, clients and collaborators.

β€˜I enjoy working within an existing context and unravel layer by layer, until the essence of a building reveals itself.’

Keeping an open mind comes with the will to genuinely listen to the clients' needs. My decision to study interior architecture was a very conscious one, based on my deep interest in the human attempt to create a nest, a 'comforting' home that is a familiar and safe haven. What do we really long for and how can design facilitate those desires? In my search to create a valuable answer to that question, taking substantial time to talk to my clients, to look into their wishes, their personalities and their interests, is essential throughout the projects.

My curiosity was instilled from an early age on. As a child, I was taught to look at the small wonders that nature offers and learned to appreciate the world directly around me. Simultaneously I developed a broad interest in music, art and cultures near and far. All those layers have found their way into projects, sometimes purely philosophical but also in tangible references and associations. With this book I would like to continue this exchange in a broader sense. It offers a look behind the scenes of my life and work, with the aim to inform and reveal, as well as inspire and tease.’