About Nathalie

A personal quest
‘My decision to study interior architecture was a very conscious one, based on my deep interest in the human attempt to create a warm home. What do we really long for and how can design facilitate those desires? At the start of my studies, I had made the decision to live by myself. Having to create my own nest was a formative search. It took me quite a while get to the core of it. That pursuit to design a meaningful home is still at the heart of my practice. I take time to talk to my clients to capture the soul of the place that they would like to create and how I can compose a valuable answer to their needs.’


‘I long for context, rather than starting from an empty white sheet.’
‘I enjoy working with the personal story of my clients on the one hand and working within an existing architectural setting on the other. I am not the type of designer that is delighted to get given carte blanche. I will always scratch the surface to find clues to react to. It is also the main reason why I chose interior design over architecture, as it offers a richer context to work with. Shaping a project with a certain set of parameters in mind, is what drives me.’

‘I aim to create personal, made-to-measure environments, like a tailored jacket that fits perfectly.’
I aim for calm, timeless interiors with a well-considered palette of precious materials. Creating a smooth ‘promenade’ throughout a home, is an important schematic point to tackle. Fluid circulation is key, but always with an eye for inserting nooks, corners and end points to be able to come to a halt and enjoy a private moment.’

The visible hand of the craftsman
It is no understatement to say that I am obsessed with natural materials and people who have the skill to work with them, manipulate them and bring out their beauty. No better time spent than consulting craftsmen in their ateliers or visiting specialist stockists. It is a joy to develop ideas with people who understand the true possibilities of their craft. The hands of many skilled professionals can be read in my interiors. I embrace the visible traces of their work.