Worldly elegance

Family home


This seaside house for a family with 6 children is all about living together in comfort and style. At the same time, this large home is equipped to regularly welcome guests.

The spacious living areas are quite formal looking, with wall and floor finishes in greys and off-whites. This sober backdrop is placed in a dialogue with striking pieces of art, custom-made furniture, warm textiles and interior fittings in daring metals. The resulting interior has an atmosphere of classy elegance.

“I aim for a natural look and let the materials speak, each with their own specific colours and characteristics.”

The materials used in the kitchen and the bathrooms, tell a story that matches the function of those rooms. The large kitchen in stainless steel is in tune with its industrial look and size. The spa area in brown marble mosaics, calls a Roman bath house to mind. The warm bronze used in the taps, cabinets and door handles adds a warm glow that suits the intimacy of a bathing area.