Balanced interior

A Home of Harmony

Uccle, BE

Unravelling and integrating the story of the clients is an important starting point in Nathalie’s work process. The challenge in this project near the forest in Uccle, was to create a balanced interior for a couple that brought their varying interests and life experiences to the table. He being interested in nature, expressed in the rough and honest materials of the architecture. She being refined, which was translated in sophisticated materials and elegant whites in the interior.

‘Every project is a story that is unique to each of my clients. I try to unravel what is important to them and I aim to express those interests and desires in their interiors.’

Built on a rather complex site with the entrance at low level and the living quarters higher up, Nathalie proposed to create a home with the concept of a journey. The sweeping staircase is the starting point of a ‘promenade’, that takes one from the front door up to a string of destinations, each with their own accents, reflecting the interests of the inhabitants. This ‘Yin and Yang’ home magically unites opposites into a balanced home.