Parisian portrait

Haussmann Reinterpreted

Paris, FR

For the reconversion of a completely worn out apartment at the stately Square Lamartine in Paris’ 16th arrondissement, Nathalie was approached to design something different, but with respect for the historic context. A couple with two young children was looking to create a warm family nest and a place to integrate their extensive art collection. In dialogue with the clients, Nathalie set out to create a comforting home with a balanced mix of noble materials such as oak, walnut and travertine - refering to the local statues - as well as contemporary additions in a rich variety of tones and textures.

‘I am not a ‘tabula rasa’ designer who wants to start from a blank canvas. In this project, the historic context as well as an extensive art collection were important drivers in the design process.’

The first intervention was to re-organise the internal circulation. After entering the vestiaire, the central gallery is an introduction into the apartment and offers generous space to display large artworks. It is an open airy space that gives access to all the other rooms. within this balanced arrangement, the rooms were dressed optimally and mostly symmetrically to complement the existing context with its straight lines and rectangular wall mouldings. Most furniture was made-to-measure in collaboration with a Belgian arts and crafts atelier. In addition a curated selection of items by international designers completes the picture.