All things natural

Weekend home

Oostkerke, BE

Enjoying a simple family life in close contact with nature is at the heart of this weekend retreat. The cosy ‘polder’ house has been opened up to look out onto the majestic landscape lined with canals and poplar trees. Inside the home, the kitchen, dining and sitting room are connected into one fluid living area, to maximise the time spent together.

‘During the past years, the search for ecological materials has become increasingly important. Our aim is to create aesthetically pleasing environments, that above all are sustainable and healthy to live in.’

The interior has been hand-crafted with a selection of natural and non-toxic materials. All the fittings and furniture were uniquely designed in finishes such as elm, tinted oak, cotton and lime plaster. The detailing has been kept pure and simple, embracing the material qualities, to create a genuine and authentic environment.