Inside out

Villa transformation, Knokke

Knokke, BE

The key challenge in this project in Knokke, was to transform a characterless sixties villa with a sombre interior into a bright seaside home. In partnership with architect Piet Bailyu, the rear facade was drastically opened up to allow generous views onto the mature garden. Internally, the circulation was optimised around the central hallway. The dividing walls between the kitchen, living area and music room were carefully opened up, to create interesting perspectives and varying levels of privacy.

The kitchen plays an ‘active’ role within the layout of this home. It has direct access to the living area as well as the outdoor pool and terrace. The dark finishes were deliberately chosen to create a luxurious look, which does not immediately refer to a kitchen. It is rather conceived as an integral part of the living quarters.

‘My purpose was to create one continuous interior, with balanced rooms that seamlessly flow into each other.’

The lively stone of the kitchen worktop was combined with wooden cabinets, made in dark-tinted larch. The wardrobes of the entrance and the music room, were created in a lighter tint of the same wood. ‘I prefer to work with a limited amount of natural materials, but I try to bring depth by using them in a variety of shades or finishes.