Warm minimalism

Apartment overlooking the dunes

Knokke, BE

This renovated apartment is located in Knokke-Zoute, in a low-rise building at the beach promenade. It unites two older units into a new three-bedroom apartment. Its favourable position on the second floor has views over the boardwalk, onto the dunes and the sea.

The beautiful surroundings and particularly the sand, were a direct inspiration for the mood board, The walls, finished with grainy clay, have been rounded off at the corners and the doorways. It feels as if their edges were literally sanded down. The concrete floor looks as if someone was walking through wet sand.

‘Together with a passionate wood supplier, I decided to turn a unique wooden slab into the dining table. It looks like a piece of driftwood that we picked up at the nearby beach. Working with craftsmen with in-depth material knowledge, is crucial to lift my projects to a higher level.’

The roughness of the wall and floor finishes is combined with a precise selection of furniture, objects and finely detailed carpentry in elm. The dining table, an impressive slab from an oak tree, adds integrity and fits the overall wabi-sabi aesthetic of the apartment.